Owner / CEO

Abdel "Sosa" Russell, started MVB RECORDS during 2006, in Central Florida. He has quietly brought our independent record label to the forefront of the indie music business by innovating 'traditional' record label practices, signing new talent, and helping our artists reach financial success, and leading them to become 'creative entrepreneurs'.

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Xiomarie "Xio" Segura, is the owner and CEO of  BeautyByX, and the X|O Agency. She has worked with Sosa and MVB RECORDS since 2006. She provides the label and our team with professionalism,  invaluable experience, leadership, and a contact list of talent, industry leaders, and 'movers and shakers'.

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Robert (Photography By Dash) has worked with our record label on several projects; photo shoots, event coverage, and photo shoot logistics. He is our photographer of choice because of his leadership abilities, professionalism, punctuality, and his photography.

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Music Producer / Mixing Engineer / Quad Studios

Lucius is an exceptional sound engineer; and music creative. He has worked on many projects for MVB RECORDS and is our consistent "go to" mixing engineer for our important recordings. His long list of credits includes, Celine Dion, Ne-Yo, Ashanti, Mac Miller, Teyana Taylor, Jim Jones, and many more. His knowledge of key instruments and his vocal harmonizing skills put him in a class by himself, amongst others in his field.

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